Saturday, May 29, 2010

Elianna's Recital

Elianna's 2010 Spring Recital

Eliza (violin instructor) & Ella

The talented musicians!
Sing to Him a new song;
skillfully on the strings,
with loud shouts!
~ Psalm 33:3


♥ Craig & Jessica ♥ said...

She did SUCH a great job Mindy!!!

Melanie said...

Ohhh! I wish I could have been there! Some day...! She is such a little lady, Mindy! Beautiful, just like her mommy.

Heather said...

Lovely pictures! Kardelen wants to take violin lessons this fall. :)

Mindy, do you have any use for some cloth diapers? I have many that I'd like to pass on, as we're done with them, and am searching for someone to bless with them. :)

By the way, my email is blessyourfamily at gmail dot com.

Nice to see you again last week!