Thursday, October 15, 2009

violin lessons!

"Make a Joyful NOISE to the Lord!"
~ Psalm 100 ~
Following in the footsteps of her Auntie Melanie,
Elianna has started violin lessons!

Here she is getting measured for her violin

Weekly lessons take place at Bemidji Music Studio

And she ADORES her music instructor, Eliza Tingelstad!

We are having a blast with music practice everyday. Elijah practices right along with us and is learning by watching and hearing. Eliza showed me a great tool in getting a two and three year old to practice for 30-40 minutes each day. If you place a gummy life saver candy on the end of their bow, they can eat it at the end of their practice like a gem - a true "life saver!"


Melanie said...

LOVE it!

Abbi said...

She looks very sweet!
I love the look of your blog. Did you design it yourself?

Jake and Ashley Hodapp said...

What a star student!! I know Eliza loves seeing her each week, and she is doing great!! Your hard work is paying off!!

The Sisters said...

I agree with Ashley! Ella is such a wonderful student and I just love being able to teach her and to see you guys each week!
Excited to see her "Rest Position Song" this weekend! :)

♥ Craig & Jessica ♥ said...

I am glad things are going so well! It was so much fun seeing you at practice yesterday! See you this weekend!!!