Thursday, July 09, 2009


My darling, Liam
“Our only permanent investment is in the souls of our children. Let’s not sacrifice our children on the altar of our perfectionism. What is life really all about? Yards and homes and possessions are just a physical vanity, all destined to decay. Our children are our masterpieces—our life’s spiritual work. They are the only works we will leave behind by which others will know who we were.” —MP


Melanie said...

Wow...that is sobering and such an amazing thought! Praise the Lord for these amazing blessings He gives to us. Your three are so SO precious, Mindy!

♥ Craig & Jessica ♥ said...

I agree!

Josiah and Abi Wissmann said...

WOW! Thanks so much for the challenge and encouragement! ~abi