Friday, November 28, 2008


Christmas Times A-Comin'!!!

I love how our city comes alive in the winter, especially the day after Thanksgiving! "The Night We Light" is a celebration that our city puts on every year; complete with a winter parade, the lighting of the city with millions of Christmas lights, and horse-drawn sleigh rides!

Ben and Elianna all bundled up for the big parade

Oh, yes, candy too (much to the children's delight)!
Elianna sharing her sucker with Daddy

Uncle Gabe holding Elijah and Ben with Ella.
(It was cute: later that night Gabe came over to our house to hang out, and Elijah LOVED him and wanted him to hold him...pretty sweet to see your kids love their uncles!)

Looking at all the pretty lights

Austin, Theresa & Dennis enjoying a horse-drawn sleigh ride around town


Karen said...

That looks like so much fun!

Abbi said...

We had planned on going to the parade as well but then ended up going to the Movie Fireproof and got home to late. The kids were disappointed but Mom, Dad and I paraded around throwing Choc. Kisses and that helped. It would have been fun to see the parade but the movie was really good too.