Saturday, September 13, 2008

Slowing Down

As Ben and I took the kids on a walk this morning, we both agreed that fall is our favorite time of year. Around this time, it seems that life slows down to a steady rhythm, and we are able to once again enjoy the simple things - like family walks, coffee together in the morning, friends over for a meal, campfires at night, etc.

Ben is preaching at church tomorrow morning, so while he's at his office studying on his sermon, Elianna and I made chicken and rice for supper and are waiting for Daddy's return. Elijah is having his pre-supper snack of watermelon and I'm afraid has made another mess of himself. Oh well. :)

Ben and Elijah - workin' men :)

Doesn't this look uncomfortable?!?

Helping Daddy pick up firewood


Freedom's Call Band said...

I agree, fall is one of my favorite seasons too! Life is starting to "fall" into more of a schedule as the leaves begin to turn color. I love the pictures! Although, I'm thinking you might need to use a double stroller! :)

Delchi, Krista and Sabria said...

We are also enjoying fall for the same reasons. I love the cool crisp air and cozy evenings at home with family. There's nothing better. Love you guys! ~Krista

Sam and Melissa Sahlstrom said...

I had to laugh so hard at the kids in the stroller! What a cute shot. I can just feel their misery. They will love this picture in the future!

Lindsay said...

That stroller pic just cracks me up!! And yes, I totally agree, fall (and spring) are the best!!

here's to things slowing down!!

S said...

That stroller pic is the greatest!!! I can't stop going back to look at it and laugh. So cute. Hope you are doing well.