Saturday, September 13, 2008

Life At the Sahlstroms!

The kids and I had a most WONDERFUL time at the Sahlstrom's farm a few weeks ago. My sister Melissa, her husband Sam, and their nine children are such a joy to be around. You would think with so many people in their house that they would have little time for others, but they are the most "others-oriented" people I know. And as for my sister Melissa—she's my greatest role model and inspiration.

Elianna keeps talking about the fun we had, especially the puppies, "Sam's house? Touch puppy? Bite? No, nice!"

Here are a few photos:

Elijah loves corn on the cob!

Simeon and Elijah - 10 days apart in age

Good morning, Elianna and Erina!
Enjoying Grandpa Ken's breakfast.

Elijah stole Simeon's highchair,
so Simeon said, "Fine, I'll steal your food!" :)

Grandpa Ken's 4-wheeler rides were a BIG hit!

Elijah thought Ben was the coolest. :)


Janna said...

I love these photos! You can tell just by looking that you all had a wonderful time together. :)

Delchi, Krista and Sabria said...

Oh, such fun! Makes me miss you all very much!