Monday, May 05, 2008

The Constitution Party

The Constitution Party Selects Chuck Baldwin as Presidential Candidiate

Pastor, home education advocate, syndicated columnist, and radio talk show host Chuck Baldwin was selected by the Constitution Party as nominee for President of the United States. The Constitution Party selected Chuck Baldwin over former Ambassador Allan Keyes by a 3-1 majority. Baldwin received 383.8 votes, ahead of Alan Keyes, who drew 125.7 votes from delegates.
The nomination of Chuck Baldwin means that Christians have the option of voting for a biblically qualified, God-fearing, Constitutionally informed and committed candidate for President. It also means that Baldwin will be the only political nominee for President of the United States from a national party to hold to a biblical and constitutional view of the defense of the life of the unborn, of the defense of marriage, of the right to arms, of national sovereignty, etc. It is expected that Baldwin will have ballot access in most of the fifty states.

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