Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A gift from my man and a lesson learned

I love the unexpected, and today I received a gift from my husband. I opened a box, a rather heavy box, and was all excited by what it contained - a new study Bible! And it's an English Standard Version! (been wanting one :) Thanks, Ben - I love you.

Ben and I had a spiritually transforming weekend. We attended the Family Life Seminar (presented by Mr. Loren Wissmann and his family) at a local church. I would venture to say that Ben and I have an awesome marriage - God has richly blessed us. But that doesn't mean we don't have struggles and trials. In fact, last week was unusually full of hard things to sort through. Through this seminar (God's timing is amazing!), we were profoundly impacted, especially in our marriage relationship. Glory to God for allowing us to experience the power of Truth, and we are grateful for Mr. Wissmann who was God's catalyst in exposing us to God's Word and giving us vision!

One area that impacted me personally was the truth that I set the "tone" in our home. Women/wives have a responsibility to carefully choose their attitudes. As women we are emotionally driven, and it is very easy to ride through life on our emotions and feelings. Am I moody? Am I complaining and crabby? Or am I reverent and gentle? I remember my Dad telling me several times when I was still living at home that I had the privilege of choosing my attitude - no matter what the circumstances may be. I was also reminded of a phrase we learned at Bright Lights a few weeks ago - "Who you are at home, what you do at home, and how you respond to instruction is your true character." I can CHOOSE to have a right attitude.

Encouragement from I Peter 3:1-4
1. A Reverent spirit (attitude)
2. A Grateful spirit (attitude)
3. A Servant spirit (attitude)
4. A Quiet spirit (attitude)

Not only in public, but at HOME…by God’s grace!


Stacey said...

Isn't God good!! Sometimes I wonder how often He smiles down at us, just knowing that His timing is always perfect. Chris and I were blessed enough to make it to the Mache conference...and lo and behold we see "Mindy Caron" on a poster and find out from Sally that you had designed their poster, they were pretty excited:) fun!! And what an encouragement! I hope your Bright Lights session touches many people. God Bless you and your family!

Craig & Jessica said...

Very true! My Mother was always...and still is...very good in the training on the woman setting the tone for the is so true!! It sounds like an awesome seminar!

Abbi said...

Great encouragement! Thank you.
It is always good to be reminded to watch our attitude.