Saturday, November 03, 2007

Buck Fever!

November is here and with it comes Deer Hunting! Our hunting party is made up of 8 hunters this year (My Dad, sister Melanie, brother Matt, Uncle Albert, cousin Audra, cousin-in-law Justin, hubby Ben and I)! So far we've harvested a total of four deer (plus Matt & Ben's four deer from an earlier season).
My family has a tradition of starting our deer season with a very early morning lip-smackin' sizzlin' breakfast cooked up by my Dad. After breakfast we discuss who should stand in what deer stand and so on. After getting our gear and blaze orange on, we head out into the morning darkness to find our designated spot. After climbing into our stand and getting comfortable, we wait...our eyes stealthily scanning the trees for any sign of brown that could be a deer; our ears attentive to every snap, crackle and pop of the forest.
It's great.
Mommy's future hunting buddy

My brother Matt with one of his SIX deer so far this year!
Way to go Bro!

My buck - shot at 8:15 am Saturday!

Uncle Albert mapping out a strategic hunt.
Nice hat Babe :)


Janna said...

Great photos! 'Specially the last one. :D

Lyndi said...

Wasn't the weather great? I am not a hunter, but my dad and husband are. I love to hear the stories and be there as they get ready, but I'm happy to stay home:) Brandon got a nice 10 point Saturday morning and so now he's deciding whether or not to mount it. A deer head in our house?! :) It's his decision, but... :)

Chris & Natasha said...

Hi Mindy! Love the photos! I will have to post ours as well, we have harvested 5 so far out of the 5 in our party! Chris got a 6 point buck, I got a doe, Chris's one brother got two large doe about 30 seconds apart, and his eldest brother got a button buck. So, the hunt will continue this weekend for a hopeful trophy as our meat is all processed and ready to pick up! YIPPEE!!

We will have to get together soon!

The Ericksons said...

Congrats on a successful hunt! Somebody better tell Matt to leave a few deer out there to breed ;)

Abbi said...

Congratulations on getting your deer!!