Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Melanie!


She's the one I've known forever.
The one I go to for honest advice and genuine support.
The one who accepts my quirky little habits and understand me in a way few others can.

She's the one I can call at any hour — to laugh or cry or complain...
The one whose voice has been there all along, sharing secrets and dreams and singing a song when I needed to hear it most.

She's the one who can read my mind, hear my heart, and love me just the way I am. She is my lifelong friend...but so much more, she is my sister! Love you, Mel - Happy Birthday!
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Melanie said...

oh my word make me cry! You are so wonderful and I love you more!!

Craig & Jessica said...

Hapy Birthday Melanie!!

Karen said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Melanie! I hope your day was wonderful!

Janna said...

Mindy, the closeness of your and Melanie's relationship has long been an inspiration and blessing to me. Thanks for the post! And happy belated birthday, Melanie!