Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Babies and TV Don't Mix

For all you Moms out there, I thought this was interesting to read:

"Baby DVDs, Videos May Hinder, Not Help, Infants' Language Development."


Chris & Natasha said...

Hi sweetie! I am glad you put that tidbit on there, I have read a few studies proving TV does more harm to a child under 2 years than learning, although many don't choose to believe this. I agree, more human interaction!! Dawson hasn't watched any tv, and he was up to 140 plus words when we stopped counting! Very interesting! Those little minds learn more from us than anything!!

Craig & Jessica said...

I also agree!!!

We watch very little TV...and when we's a family fun thing.

I always enjoy the interesting tidbits that you find!


linners said...

Hi mindy-
I've been playing online and checking out blogs, i have to say your comics are hilarious! About this article...its not good for babies to watch tv when they are left alone to watch. However, baby einstein was meant to be used as a tool in playing with your child-being sure to interact. unfortunately nowdays people just "plop" their kids in front of the tv as a babysitter. Not that watching tv is a good habit to get into :), but our families have been discussing this article recently and I thought I would just mention what we had learned. I hope you dont mind. :) Lyndi:)