Friday, August 31, 2007

Take the BABY Poll!

There is only approximately 8 weeks left till Caron Baby #2 is due! What do you think, boy or girl? For fun, take a guess on the new baby poll to the right of this page, and we'll see who is right!

Things to consider before you cast your vote:
~ Elianna's birth weight and size can be found in the archives of this blog
~ I was an 8 pound baby at birth
~ There are more boys than girls in the extended Caron Family
~ I believe it to be a girl...not sure why, but I do!
~ We have a boy name picked out, but still working on finding that special girl name...

Now go vote...over there -->


Melanie said...

Ok...I said a boy under 9 pounds just because it always seems like it is opposite of what you think. Whatever it is, I can hardly wait to meet him/her!

Charisma said...

I think Boy but you no I thought the same thing with Elianna so yea But I think Boy I can hardly wait to meet cousin