Friday, October 06, 2006

Elianna's Birth Announcement

I had fun this week! I designed Elianna's 4x6 birth annoucement and then brought the file on disc to Walmart and made copies for $.0.19 each! I'm very happy with how they turned out.

I'd be happy to do this for anyone else who would like a birth announcement, family christmas card, invitations, etc. I'll send you the file on CD or via email, and you can take it to your local one hour photo center and have results very quickly and inexpensively. Email me if you are interested!

Elianna's Birth Announcement

One of my favorites! I love to kiss those cheeks!

And I love to kiss her little feet too. :)


ellen lenora said...

How lovely! What a cute baby! What a blessing she must be! How lovely. I love seeing pictures of Elianna. How lovely I say again. What loving parents you are and I am sure that you will raise her in a loving, christian home.

Berge Family Music ROCKS!! :)

Sarah Porter said...

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Sarah Porter said...
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