Saturday, May 06, 2006

New Fishin' Boat!

Last weekend Ben and I took our old boat out for the last time and caught some nice crappies (they made a tasty dinner)! I say last time because a few days later we sold our boat and bought a bigger one! The "new" boat is in our garage undergoing a MAJOR paint job. We spent the afternoon scrapping and sanding the old red paint off...I'll post the "after" picture sometime soon!

The finished paint job!


Melanie said...

Now that is a fine ride! Thanks for taking me out in it on the maiden voyage! I felt so privileged!

:) Mel

Karen Moses said...

Hi, I just have to say I really enjoyed the part about your mom. Even though I do not know her as well I would like, you have written stuff about her that somehow I knew that she was just that kind of person. Oh, congratulations on your new little precious baby. A girl, right? Until next time, keep up the faith. Your friend, Karen Moses