Sunday, April 23, 2006

Home Improvements

Ben and I just love our home -- better known in our community as "The Old Naylor Mansion." The house was built in 1919 by the Naylor Family, and back in that day, it was considered one of the more wealthy homes in Bemidji. Doesn't that make you want to crawl up in the attic to see if there are hidden treasures beneath the floor?!

As many of you know, along with owning a home comes yard work! I love flowers, but haven't had a lot of experience with planting flower gardens. Since this is our first spring living here, I have no idea if that little green sprout in my garden is a flower or a weed! Although, I'm proud of myself, because I did identify a patch of daylilies and irises. On Saturday, Ben and I raked our entire yard, and also planted other flowers, hostas, and chives that his Mom had given to us to transplant. We tore down an ugly clothes-line that had been there from the previous owners and took a run to the dump. After our hard days labor we went to Home Depot and bought an outdoor patio set for our deck. We grilled some brats, had a relaxing dinner on our deck, and admired our clean up job. Ah, yes, satisfaction!

Meanwhile, INSIDE the house, Ben installed a new dining room light fixture the other day (see photo below) and also went the extra mile and put a dimmer switch on the wall too! It's so wonderful! Now we can have romantic dinners under a soft light.

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