Friday, September 05, 2014

Draw Write Now Books

Draw-Write-Now Box Set
My oldest sister has used these writing/art books with her kids and really likes them. I am excited to begin using them this year for the first time! Check out Draw Write Now.

2014 School Year Begins!

Providential Academy's Students 
2014-2015 School Year
Elianna, Elijah, Liam, Analise, & Isabelle
(Eight month old Nadia was asleep during the taking of this photo)

Let the learning begin!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Excited for school!

Elianna, almost five, starts Kindergarten this fall!


The way of the girl....

The way of the boy.

Music Recital

Elianna at her spring music recital
with her teacher, Frances VanDorn

Annika the Graduate!

Annika, my oldest niece, graduates from homeschool.
Congrats, Annika! Love you!

Snapping Turtle

Ben and the kids went for a ride back in the woods,
and they came back with a great big snapper! He was huge and ugly.

Did you know they're edible?
And they have an extremely powerful hooked jaw?

Teaching character

The Little, little sponges!

You've heard it said, "Character is more caught than taught." It's true.

Teaching my children the hows and whys of obedience, attentiveness, gratefulness, virtue, etc. is one thing. But to SHOW them how to live it from the heart is where the true character training begins. I'm finding if I want my children to act or respond a certain way to life's circumstances, I-me-mom must first be the example.

My attitude = their attitude
My words = their words
My actions = their actions
My patience = their patience

The Bible says - "Train yourself to be godly" (1 Timothy 4:7). Could this be an important key to successfully training my children in good character? Eureka!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Big brother

Elijah has this amazing ability to draw
smiles out of people...especially his baby sister!

Baby Shower!

My wonderful church family threw a baby shower for Analise - a complete surprise to me, being she is my fourth baby! But what a fun night we had; such a blessing! Thank you all!

My Mom and sister-in-law Beth
(look how big Analise looks!)

I love this one of my mom and Analise!

Elianna took great delight in opening gifts with me.

Growing up

The "BIG" kids in our family:
Elianna (4) & Elijah (3)

Ben and I were driving into town last night
and from the backseat of our suburban, we hear two
sweet little voices start singing in unison:

I love you Lord
And I lift my voice
To worship You
O my soul, Rejoice
Take joy my King
In what You hear
May it be a sweet, sweet sound
In Your ear.

(yes, it was sweet to our ears...made both of us tear up!)

Nothing better than...

...holding my 7 week old baby girl, Analise.
Cherishing these days...because moments like these don't last forever.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Our Fourth Blessing from God

Analise Noelle Caron
8 lbs 11 oz ~ 20 inches long
September 4, 2010

(photo by Erica Berge)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Liam's Dedication

This past Sunday, we dedicated Liam Allen Caron to the Lord.
What a precious time!

Our wonderful church leaders and parents gather around to pray for
Liam, his future, and wisdom for Ben and I as his parents.
I love what my Dad said in his prayer, "Children are a blessing from God's hand..."

My sister Melanie, my mom, and I sang a song to
Liam called "Your Whole Life Long" are the lyrics:

I pray the Lord will hold you close and keep you through the night,
That you will wake up smiling in the early morning light,
That He will always comfort you and make you brave and strong,
I pray that you will follow Him your whole life long.

I pray that you will grow up to be wise and good and true,
I pray that you will please the Lord in everything you do,
I pray that you will hear His voice and learn to sing His song,
I pray that you will follow Him your whole life long.

I pray that you will follow Him,
I pray that you will follow Him,
I pray that you will follow Him your whole life long.

I pray the Lord will bless you with His presence every day,
I pray he will protect you every step along the way,
Help you love what's right and lead you far away from wrong,
I pray that you will follow Him your whole life long.

My mom and Liam

Our great support team... (a.k.a. FAMILY!)

Melanie and I with our beautiful niece, Katey.
(notice my big tummy...only a few weeks away from my due date!)

Elianna and Grandma Caron

Liam trying to pull it together after the big day!

Elianna holding her sweet cousin Mariah - so adorable!

Auntie Melanie and Elijah...just love the joy in these two faces!

It's been a huge blessing to have my sister Melanie, David & Mariah home from Ireland for the past 5 weeks. Tomorrow will be our last day with them; I'll try not to cry the entire hard to say goodbye to your very best friend in the world. P.S. A future trip to Ireland this spring is in the planning....(!!!!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bluegrass Concert!

The Franz Family,
along with the Durocher Family
are performing this weekend! Don't miss it!
(The Franz Family played at our wedding - we love 'em!)

Grand Rapids, MN
Myles Rief Performing Arts Center
Saturday, June 26th, 7:00 PM


International Falls, MN
Backus Community Center
Sunday, June 27th, 6:00 PM

There is no admission for either concert.
Free will offering. Seating is limited.
Grand Rapids, MN: Call 218 259-5166
I-Falls: Call 218 259-5166 or 218 285-7225

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Weekend of Blessing

A weekend with cousins!

Elijah and his cousin, Simeon, embrace in a big bear hug!

Elianna with her cousin Erina - they were inseparable!

My amazing sister Melissa and her tenth baby, Johann Daniel

Beautiful Charisma holding her youngest brother

Front porch pickin'!

One of my sister's amazing flower gardens

Dad made breakfast for close to 40 people one morning!
He's the BEST pancake maker in the world.

The kids played so well together.
These four were almost always together exploring,
playing, and having the time of their lives.

Little Johann was dedicated to the Lord on Sunday morning.
Their pastor, elders, and our Dad prayed a special prayer of dedication over Johann's life.

Thank you, Sahlstrom Family, for your generous hospitality
and inspiring example! We LOVE you!