Monday, August 16, 2010

Liam's Dedication

This past Sunday, we dedicated Liam Allen Caron to the Lord.
What a precious time!

Our wonderful church leaders and parents gather around to pray for
Liam, his future, and wisdom for Ben and I as his parents.
I love what my Dad said in his prayer, "Children are a blessing from God's hand..."

My sister Melanie, my mom, and I sang a song to
Liam called "Your Whole Life Long" are the lyrics:

I pray the Lord will hold you close and keep you through the night,
That you will wake up smiling in the early morning light,
That He will always comfort you and make you brave and strong,
I pray that you will follow Him your whole life long.

I pray that you will grow up to be wise and good and true,
I pray that you will please the Lord in everything you do,
I pray that you will hear His voice and learn to sing His song,
I pray that you will follow Him your whole life long.

I pray that you will follow Him,
I pray that you will follow Him,
I pray that you will follow Him your whole life long.

I pray the Lord will bless you with His presence every day,
I pray he will protect you every step along the way,
Help you love what's right and lead you far away from wrong,
I pray that you will follow Him your whole life long.

My mom and Liam

Our great support team... (a.k.a. FAMILY!)

Melanie and I with our beautiful niece, Katey.
(notice my big tummy...only a few weeks away from my due date!)

Elianna and Grandma Caron

Liam trying to pull it together after the big day!

Elianna holding her sweet cousin Mariah - so adorable!

Auntie Melanie and Elijah...just love the joy in these two faces!

It's been a huge blessing to have my sister Melanie, David & Mariah home from Ireland for the past 5 weeks. Tomorrow will be our last day with them; I'll try not to cry the entire hard to say goodbye to your very best friend in the world. P.S. A future trip to Ireland this spring is in the planning....(!!!!)


( : David'sKate : ) said...

What a beautiful song! Thank you for sharing it! Liam is such a cute boy! And how fun to see a cute belly pic! :) I'll be praying for you as the day draws near!
As a side note, I really like your shirt! It's a V-neck maternity, but not super low! Where'd you find it!?!

♥ Craig & Jessica ♥ said...

Oh Mindy!!!! It's been so much fun having Melanie & her family here! I am glad you've had this time to spend with them! I will be praying for you all as they have to leave again! It is SO hard to see your sister go, I know! I enjoyed your pictures and your song, wonderful!
Love you & praying for you as your new little one gets closer!

Abbi said...

What a neat song and a neat day! Your kids are growing up so fast! How neat that you are planning a trip to Ireland!

LS said...

Congrats on the dedication! Once our new baby is born we are going to dedicate Justus and her together since the first two were dedicated together. I chose that exact song for Justus' second birthday video (for the background music) that I published on August 16th too! Heather Hanson gave us that lullaby CD and I love it!

Melanie said...

Oh, Mindy! I love these pictures and LOVED being there on such a special day. Thank you for letting me sing with you was like heaven. I love singing with you and miss it sooooo much!

Can hardly wait to see you again and meet that darling sweetie in your tummy!