Friday, January 08, 2010

Fun with Eliza

Our dear friend Eliza (whom my kids do I!) came over one day before Christmas to teach a violin lesson and brought with her a craft for the kids too! Using felt, ribbons, buttons, and more, she helped them make an ornament for our Christmas tree. They LOVED it and still ask to do the craft again and again.

Here Elijah is picking out his favorite ribbon.

Elijah's finished ornaments - how cute is that?!

Eliza teaching a violin lesson!
What a fun day; thank you Eliza!!


Melanie said...

What a blessing Eliza is! Elijah's expression in that last picture is priceless. The concentration is so intense! Oh man, I love them so much!

The Sisters said...

That sure was a fun day...and I adore both you and your kids, too, Mindy! :)
Ella amazes me with her willingness and effort put forth in learning to play the violin at such a young age! It's totally worth it to start young!
Thanks for the special time together!

♥ Craig & Jessica ♥ said...

We love her too!! She is so wonderful! The ornaments are cute!

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