Monday, August 24, 2009

Family Fun at the Pioneer Farmers Show!

Every third weekend in August, for as long as I can remember, my Grandpa Berge would set-up all his inventions, mostly hot-air engines, at the Lake Region Pioneer Farmers annual show. It has become a tradition to many of us in my family to attend this event; not only because of Grandpa's influence there, but because it holds and creates so many fun family memories.

Elijah was so very proud of his pop;
he carried it like it was his baby!

Train Rides!


The Sisters said...

Fun!!! I LOVE the pictures of Ella and Elijah with their pop! Too cute!

Melanie said...

Oh! This is so sweet, Mindy! I miss you all so much!

Abbi said...

That pop of Elijah's looks like it could be a little bit of a sticky sort of baby. But then Babies can be sticky sometimes!

Mrs Marcos said...

Goodness, when did Elianna turn into a little girl instead of a baby?! So adorable! :)