Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Let's play!

Today I chose to play...

They will not stay children forever.

One day my small boy and girl will grow older
and walk out the threshold of my home...
and return a man and a woman.

I cannot reclaim these days.
So today I did what my heart has been
nudging me to do...PLAY!

Choose to ignore your 'to-do' list today.

Time is running out.


Melanie said...

Oh man! This made me get all teary!

Chris, Tasha, Dawson & Lainey said...

Oh Mindy--I LOVE IT!! I need to do this more often!! Thanks for the message!! Have a great one!

Your pictures are always so beautiful, and your kids so incredibly adorable. I just love them!

Anonymous said...

Mindy, I love to watch you with your children. You're a good mama and I'm proud of you!

Josiah and Abi Wissmann said...

Mindy, you are a challenge to me! Even though we don't have little ones of our own's still so inspiring to see your heart for motherhood, love for the Lord and your children! Wow! Thank you for the example you are!! ~abi

PS--I agree, your kids are ADORABLE!!