Sunday, April 05, 2009

Family & Friends

Liam is 10 days old today, and we've had a BLESSED first week adjusting to being a family of five! We've been so encouraged by dear family and friends who've stopped in to visit or made delicious meals for us. Here are just a few snap shots of some of those friends and family....

Here's Elizabeth Westlund holding Liam. The Westlund Family generously brought us a meal and pumpkin pie the other evening. We enjoyed hanging out with them and eating the good food - thank you Westlunds! Elianna and Elijah had so much fun playing with the girls. You can see more photos of our evening together over at Jessica's blog.

On Friday afternoon, we were delighted to receive a call from the Tingelstad's telling us to get ready, they were coming over with lunch! Annette, Katelyn and Eliza are just incredible; they really know how to bless and encourage this mother of three. :) What a joy and blessing it was to spend our afternoon with these dear friends.

Eliza and baby Liam

Katelyn and Liam

Here is my Auntie Bernadine with Liam. Auntie "B" is one of those dream aunts! The kids and I just love her frequent visits; she is always upbeat and blesses our day with her encouragement and thoughtfulness. She brought over a gift for Liam, and special gifts for Ella and Elijah as well - much to their delight! That's Auntie B - always thinking of others and always so generous!

Grandma Berge holds her new great grandson. We live next door to my Grandma and count it a privilege to see her so often. She is an amazing person and we love her! She also is the best cook on earth (especially Indonesian & Chinese food!) and just recently made us a scrumptious meal and homemade apple pie!


Joshua and Laura said...

Glad everyone is adjusting so well. I wish I lived closer then I would bring a meal too. Hope you are doing well and getting rest when you need it. God is so good! What a wonderful blessing! Hugs from the Schmidt family.

Karen said...

Good friends and family are a blessing. Very fun pictures; I love the one of Grandma with Liam. SO cute!

Mrs. Jo said...

What a blessing! It's great to hear how folks are taking care of you as you adjust to a new baby. I loved your old-fashioned photos of the kids and also your post on endurance! I hear ya!