Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Play-Doh Fun!

Remember the good old days of playing with Play-Doh? That soft squishy goodness between your hands and the salty smell and taste (not that I know...)? Remember how fun it was?! Well, if you've forgotten, I suggest you go out and buy yourself some Play-Doh; it's therapeutic and may relieve stress. After a few short minutes of play you'll feel like the calm blue people above—trust me on this.

Another one of the rich blessings of being a Mom is having the opportunity to do totally fun stuff right along with my kids! Elianna always asks me to make "people" and as you can see I'm not that artistic, but at least they resemble the basic idea. If we want artistic Play-Doh sculptures, we would have to invite Auntie Mellie or Uncle Matt over for help....they are the artistic ones in the family. As for Elijah, well he is slowing getting the gist of what the purpose of play-doh is for....and one of them is NOT eating!

The joys of childhood!


Susanna Joy Rairdon said...

Cute pictures Mindy! The kids are growing up SO fast! Speaking of Play-Doh... I honestly think that the girls that live on my floor could not make it through finals week without it!! I played with it all time while studying! It's funny how the kid things-Play-Do, coloring, and making snow angels all come back out during the stress of finals :D

Melanie said...

I totally understand this! I was decorating Christmas cookies with little dots and leaves and then when my David came in I so wished I had a little kid around that I could use as an excuse for "playing" like that, but alas....but Mindy! You are very artistic! I am completely impressed with your little blue people. I can feel the joy and serenity that you are trying to convey in your creative outlet here. I actually WANT to be the little blue people!

Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Baby, Baby to Be, Kitty and Plant said...

So, I am anxiously waiting for a pregnancy picture of you! I also love your blue people!

Oh, and we are having a boy :) :)

Joshua and Laura said...

Oh I know. We always make our own playdough. So fun! The girls love it! (we make is with packets of kool-aid...that way it gives it color and smells good too!)