Sunday, November 16, 2008

Children's Songs

If You're Happy and You Know It
...Clap Your Hands (*clap *clap)!

You all know the song, right?! Well, it's a favorite around here - I probably sing it a least three times a day. All I have to say is "If you're..." and already Elijah is clapping his hands.

One of my favorite ways of teaching is through music. I remember learning the books of the Bible at a very young age with a song, and also many Scripture verses as well.

I've also really loved the "Hymns for a Kid's Heart" series. These books come with an audio CD that contains classic hymns - the quality of the singing and of the arrangements is outstanding! Each song contains a true story to enhance the song. It's great for teaching God's truths, music and history.

Here are some other fun songs to teach your kids - now if only I had room for a piano in my little house.....!


Freedom's Call Band said...

How fun!!! I remember learning those songs and also songs to memorize Bible verses and learn the books of the Bible too! Great memories.

Melanie said...

Sweet picture! Oh, I love those kiddos so much!!! You are a great mommy, Mindy!