Friday, October 31, 2008

Bright Lights Begins!

I am thrilled to let you all know that the second year of Bright Lights will start again on November 6th! The leaders of this year's group are Beth & Hannah Schoenfelder, whom many of you remember from last years Bright Lights meetings. For those of you who attended last year, we will be continuing where we left off with many more character building lessons, activities, and fun evenings together. And for those of you who would like to join us this year, our purpose and vision for this discipleship group is to encourage and challenge young ladies to pursue Godliness, to provide positive peer pressure and accountability during important decision-making years, and to have a group which will minister to others. At each Bright Lights meeting, we share a lesson covering Biblical principles, character traits of godliness, and other topics that will be essential for us as we aim to be strong for the Lord. Our group will also enjoy singing, activities, biographies, snacks and tea. Each girl who attends receives a Bright Lights notebook and then at each meeting she will receive that week's lesson to add to her notebook.

Some of the topics for this year are Contentment, Meekness, Self-Control, Discernment, Courtship, Friends, Polluting Influences, and Humility…we’ll also be learning about manners, how to crochet, cookie decorating and other fun things. There are special evenings planned with mothers and fathers, reading Christian biographies around the fire, testimonies from older girls and hands on projects to do. Bright Lights is geared for girls ages 10-18, however older girls and mothers are more than welcome to join us anytime!

Bright Lights meetings will be held at the Covenant Church in Bemidji every other Thursday, starting November 6, 2008, and will run from 6:30-8:00 pm. Call to register: 218-751-3044. If you are a young lady looking to deepen your walk with the Lord, we welcome you to come and bring a friend. We look forward to seeing that the Lord will do as we seek Him together!

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~Laura~ said...

This sounds amazing Mindy! I only wish Leah was older so I would have an excuse to come!! :) I wish I had learned all those things growing up.. :) Great job!