Monday, September 29, 2008

Fall Birthday Party

One tradition I love on the Berge side is that we make every excuse to get-together! We don't let birthdays slip by without having a party - usually celebrating every birthday in a particular month. This last party was in celebration of four birthdays: my Dad, Matt, Karen, and Elijah. It was a very COLD evening for an outside picnic, but that didn't put a damper on our fun. :)

Justin and Audra with their precious baby girl, Elinor!

Enjoying Grandma Berge's special Poppy-seed Torte

Elianna wanted to sit in Elijah's high-chair to eat her cake

Karen and Grandma

Matt opening cards and gifts

Look at Grandma's beautiful cake! She's the best!

Lucas getting ready for his slice of cake

Two of the birthday people:
Elijah (1 years old) and my dad, Ken (60 years old)
Same birthday - 9/26!

Birthday Bunch: Matt, Karen, Dad, & Elijah

Elijah opening gifts - ah, new gloves!

Daddy helps read the cards

What a joy to all be together!


Karen said...

Fun pictures Mindy! Thank you for posting them!

Karen said...
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Melanie said...

Ahhh! What fun! Thanks for the great pictures Mindy. I love the one of Elijah and Ben reading the card together. He is getting so big (Elijah, I mean!). :) Give him a big birthday kiss from me!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday Little Man!!