Monday, September 29, 2008

Dad's 60th Birthday Party

My brother Matt getting ready to show his amazing
video/slide-show presentation he made of Dad's 60 years.

Matt's daughter Katey was a life-saver as she
watched Elijah while I set up for the party.

Family and friends arriving to celebrate.

Enjoying the slide-show with much laughter and "aaahh's"

My father is living, for his children and his grandchildren, a rich legacy of faith in Jesus Christ for us to follow. I'm so grateful he is an active part of our lives.
(P.S. If you're wondering what Elijah is wearing, we dressed him up as a Ken Berge look-alike and future construction worker—complete with a black mustache like my Dad's, but the mustache didn't last too long (my Dad owns Ken Berge Construction).

My Dad and Elijah - born on the same day, 60 years apart.
Love this picture.

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