Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Look Who's Two!

Our sweet Elianna Grace turns TWO today!

Elianna with her cousin Thomas

Getting ready to blow out the candle


On her way to show Grandma her new necklace

Opening gifts & reading cards

Ben and his Mom

Elianna's play kitchen from Gma & Gpa Caron - "Wow!"

Elijah thought the new car was hot!

Great Grandma Berge celebrated her 78th birthday with Elianna's.
Their birthdays are a day apart.

Cousin Lucas helping Elianna open her guitar

"Guitar - like Grandpas!" :) She loved it!

Elijah had enough.

The kids: Jack, Lucas, Austin, Elijah, Thomas & Ella

Adorable little Jack

What fun birthdays are when you have kids!

Elianna, life with you is more alive and rewarding!
We never take a day with you for granted.
We pray you will grow in the knowledge of God and come
to love and serve Him at an early age! We love you!
Happy Birthday!


Craig & Jessica said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We hope the day was wonderful!!!

Karen said...

I just loved hearing her soft gasps of "wow" as she opened each gift, followed by the "WOW!!!* when she saw her play kitchen! Too adorable! What a fun night!

Bethany said...

Elianna is gorgeous. She has beautiful curls.

Mr. & Mrs. Henry, Baby, Kitty & Plant said...

Happy Birthday Elianna! I can't even imagine birthdays yet. I can't believe she is already two, it's crazy! It looks like she absolutly enjoyed herself.

Freedom's Call Band said...

How Cute!!! She sure is growing up! It is so fun to see her talk more and more, and use so many of her cute little expressions! Happy Birthday, Ella!!!

The Ericksons said...

Happy birfday :)

~Justin&Meg~ said...

Elianna is beautiful! Too cute! Hope she had a great birthday!