Saturday, July 12, 2008

These are Wonderful Days

With painting our house, the Berge Family Reunion, a load of design work to be done, festival prep, and wedding details to think about, there is little time to blog! Hey, but all that means the opportunity for some good stories to tell and photos to share later...

Meanwhile, Elijah is crawling everywhere and says "Ma-ma, ma-ma." As for Elianna, her vocabulary is increasing rapidly. She calls her brother "Lijah" and herself "Nanna." She is looking forward to being a flowergirl in her Auntie Melanie's wedding next weekend. Everytime she hears Auntie Mellie's name, she says, "Nanna, dress!....Lijah, suit." :)

You should have seen us this morning....somewhere between three and four o'clock in the morning Ben heard Elijah crying and brought him to me; then an hour or so later, I opened my eyes to see a curly haired little blue-eyed girl looking me straight in the face and saying, "Nanna, up?" Somehow she managed to open her bedroom door and found her way to our room. Tell you what, four people, one being 6'8" and one who loves to pull hair, in one bed doesn't really lend itself to a good nights sleep. But, it does lend for some sweet memories!

Some photos from our busy July:

Dave's Pizza with the Berge relatives
(going out for pizza after the family reunion has become a tradition...we just can't get enough of each other)

My cousin Kenneth - a ton of fun
Elijah trying to be cool like Kenneth

My sweet boy

Ben and Ella playing

My favorites


Elianna's attempt, when Mommy wasn't looking, at applying facial powder to her face like Momma does. Guess I forgot to tell her when it comes to makeup, less is better. :) oops.


Craig & Jessica said...

What fun pictures! It has been a fun summer!!!

~Justin&Meg~ said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun summer! Elianna and Elijah are adorable~

Amy said...

It was so fun to see all of you at the family reunion! Your kids are such cuties! Hope you have a great rest of the summer!