Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Date Night

Spending an evening out with my favorite person,
while having the world's best babysitter (Melanie) at home
watching my babies - ah, what more could I ask for?!
I really love date nights with you Ben!
Oh, and speaking of date night, tonight my parents
are celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary!
Wow, Happy Anniversary, Mom & Dad!
Thank you for your example of faithfulness!


Karen said...

Sounds like fun Mindy! I love all of the new pictures too! I thought that it was #39 for your parents...

Craig & Jessica said...

I also had 39 written down on our calendar. Too funny!

I too love the new pictures! You & Ben look like you had a great evening! Your little ones are so sweet!!

Mr. & Mrs. Henry, Baby, Kitty & Plant said...

I love date nights! Blake and I have had only one since the baby was born. I am looking foward to our next one in July!! I just love all your new pictures. You take such wonderful pictures!

Melanie said...

Um...it is 39! Oops!

I guess when you have two small children to care for, a business to run, a house to maintain, and still somehow manage to look super beautiful all the time...well, we'll forgive you this one time Mindy.