Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More Mexico Memories!

Bear with me! I have a few more Mexico photos that I HAD to post before loosing them in a folder on my ever-ready-to-crash laptop. I know, I know, you are sick of hearing about our warm and fabulous vacation.

Today finds me nursing a sick baby girl. It's my first experience having to clean up someone else’s puke. Even though it's my own kid, it is still gross. I almost lost it myself a couple times.

I'm a weak.

Once it happened while my Mom was around, and she reached to clean it up without blinking an I hope I reach that level of motherhood someday...maybe it comes with experience...I hope not.

Other than having to clean up after Elianna and worrying that she is getting dehydrated, all is good. At the moment she is sleeping, and Elijah is on a blanket trying to eat Jack-in-the-Box. I just finished designing a postcard for a company and registering a domain name for a prospective web client. Ben is down in the cities at a meeting for three days - I miss him.

Ben & Elijah

Elijah's favorite sport - sleeping!

Morning tea, Momma? My little shadow.


Dinner on the beach
Family - what fun!

The stunning Dennis & Theresa Caron

Deep Sea Fishing

My father-in-law caught a barracuda!
(pretty tasty too)

My pal & nephew Austin - love this pic!


Craig & Jessica said...

Oh Mindy! I can sure sympathize! Valerie got a bug once when she was about 3 and I cleaned up a LOT of puke! The worst was one morning when she woke up and drank a huge glass of water...we thought she may have been better...NOPE! She threw up ON me! I was wearing pajamas still...and it ran right down my skin to my feet! GROSS! That was my grossest experience. Elizabeth hasn't had a stomach bug yet (praise God!) She has thrown up twice in her life but that was of something she ate that didn't agree. I will pray for you as you endure this tough couple of days! Throw up is the WORST! Thankfully....we don't get sick much!

Your trip sure looks great! Makes me long for a vacation...

Love you!!!

The Fafach family said...

Miss you Mindy! Would be nice to be together and have tea and just talk. Hope Elianna is better soon so you don't have to clean up any more icky stuff. Love ya! ~Krista

Josh & Laura Helweg said...

I know what you mean Mindy!!! Puke is the one thing I was hesitant about, becoming a mom is kind of well, you have to do it!!! Leah had the flu bug last year for the first time.. and I remember just feeling so bad for her, struggling to understand her own little body, that I didn;t really care about my desire not to have to clean up..
I just wanted her well!
However I was EXSTATIC when she was better!!! Hope your Elianna gets well fast!

BrittLeigh said...

Aw... so sorry about your little girl :(. Puke is disgusting. My niece did it all over the kitchen floor one day when I was taking care of her..... I somehow managed. You have my sympathies. My brother is an EMT and has to deal with puke. He says it's no big deal on an adrenelin-packed response call. But when his 6 month-old nephew spits up a wee bit, poor Uncle Gabe starts gagging.... :)

By the way, your pictures are so fun to look at! You have such a beautiful family and I enjoy visiting your blog from time to time.