Monday, September 24, 2007

Gift of Family

One of Elianna's favorite things to do is visit Grandma & Grandpa's house! Today I said to her, "Should we go see Grandpa, Grandma and Auntie Mellie?" She right away looked at me and headed for the door!

I love my family! I'm blessed by the way they invest in Elianna's life. What a GIFT!!

Elianna playing with Auntie Mellie

Reading books - a favorite!

Where is Grandma's nose?!

Nursery Rhymes - Grandma's specialty

Elianna smelling Grandma's flowers

Little piano prodigy


Craig & Jessica said...

What sweet pictures Mindy!! Elianna is growing so fast, and beautiful!

Love you!

Josh & Laura Helweg said...

Oh Mindy, she is absolutely adorable!!! She and Leah seem so alike to me! :) What a precious sweetheart she is! :) We'll have to get together soon! :)

Chris & Natasha said...

Very cute Mindy! Love the pictures!! It was great to see you on Sunday, we will have to make a point to get together!