Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Festival Prep

We're a little tied-up with Festival preparations, so after this weekend I'll hopefully have some new posts coming and a report on how the festival went! Check back again soon!

Here's my faithful husband helping me print 1,000 two-sided Festival Programs!

Now, we just need to fold them... :)

Meanwhile, Elianna had fun chewing on dry erase markers...unopened of course.


Abbi said...

We made it out to the festival on Friday night and had a very good time. I was very motivated to play music more and to work at getting my kids into it more as well. It was very neat to see the families up there together. I saw you once at a distance but then never saw you again. You must have been busy! :-) Hope to see you soon. Abbi Cobb

Eva said...

Hi Mindy,
I'm looking for some info on your web designs, but I can't get through under the Vinyard Designs "conact us" option. Could you email me at Thanks!