Monday, May 07, 2007


I've have the great priviledge of being a mentor to a young girl whose heart for the Lord is refreshing! Eliza—she surprises and inspires me all at the same time! So unlike the average imprudent youth I see these days, she possesses a level of wisdom far beyond her years. Due to her hunger to know more about God and His Word, she is becoming a beautiful young woman who is cultivating wise thoughts, prudent words, and skillful actions to carry out God’s will (I Tim. 4:12). She is an inspiration to me and an exceptional example of a virtuous youth committed to seeking first the kingdom of God. She is the kind of example I want Elianna to see and model after! I really respect Eliza and her family for their example of faith and godliness.

Elianna LOVES Eliza!

Eliza and I after lunch at her house

Eliza demonstrating to Elianna how to play piano!


Melanie said...

I agree!

Ginger said...

I just found your blog. And I really enjoyed it. I also loved this post. If you want stop by my blog sometime!

Craig & Jessica said...

You ALSO are a great Mother! Thanks for your comment!

See you soon!

Charisma said...

Mindy they are so cute together if you happen to see Eliza tell her and Katlynne Hi thanks
Love your neace
Charisma faith