Monday, January 29, 2007

Merry Mothers Monday

A bunch of my friends and I try to get together at least one Monday a month in an effort to keep in touch with each other and get our kids together. I call it "Merry Mothers Monday." We meet at different homes and it's been so fun!

Today it was at my home! I had lunch with my friends, Laura, Kandi, and Natasha. They each are first-time Mommys like me, so we are all going through some of the same life adjustments and joys right now! It is so wonderful to share motherhood tips and tricks with one another. These times with like-minded Godly woman always encourage me! I was bummed I didn't get a picture of all of us Moms with our kids time...but I did get a couple cute ones that I want to share with you.

~ Elianna and her buddy Dawson ~
Both Elianna and Dawson have very tall Daddy's,
so we are expecting these two will be at the "top" of their class in a few years! :)

~ Laura and Leah Helweg ~
Natasha (Dawson's mom) and I are hoping Leah's
great crawling skills will rub off on our kids!

Also present was my friend Kandi and her little
three month baby boy Daniel - sweet as can be!
I'll try to get more pictures next time!!


Craig & Jessica said...

It looks like you had a blast! I am sorry I missed going! Next time.... ! My house for sure!

Mrs. Swinborne said...

What a fun name for a Mother's Group. Kandi mentioned it to me and I thought I would look online and see if you had a site so I could see a pic of your baby. She's so beautiful and I think she looks just like you in your baby picture (even in the same position!) What a blessing it is to have children! I'm so bummed that I couldn't have Becky R. for Jeremiah's birth. She was truly the BEST! Congrats on the lovely little girl and blessings to your family!
P.S. If I can find a way to listen to the conference on Homemaking I would love that! We don't have high speed, but maybe I can find someone who does. Also, I love the Vision Forum and the Biblical Womanhood sites. I've been there before.
Lindsey Swinborne