Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Truth Project

You may have heard, but as of recently the Church of England announced that killing disabled babies is ethical and the American Episcopalian Church has installed its first presiding female bishop, and unsurprising only 9% of born again believers and only 50% of American pastors have a Biblical worldview.

I've been hearing a lot these days about a Biblical worldview - what is a worldview anyway? Well, I visited a site put out by Focus on the Family that helped me understand:

A worldview is the framework from which we view reality and make sense of life and the world. "[It's] any ideology, philosophy, theology, movement or religion that provides an overarching approach to understanding God, the world and man's relations to God and the world," says David Noebel, author of Understanding the Times. Someone with a Biblical worldview believes his primary reason for existence is to love and serve God. A biblical worldview is based on the infallible Word of God. When you believe the Bible is entirely true, then you allow it to be the foundation of everything you say and do.

Do you have a biblical worldview? Answer the following questions, based on claims found in the Bible and which George Barna used in his survey:

  • Do absolute moral truths exist?
  • Is absolute truth defined by the Bible?
  • Did Jesus Christ live a sinless life?
  • Is God the all-powerful and all-knowing Creator of the universe, and does He still rule it today?
  • Is salvation a gift from God that cannot be earned?
  • Is Satan real?
  • Does a Christian have a responsibility to share his or her faith in Christ with other people?
  • Is the Bible accurate in all of its teachings?

Did you answer yes to these? Only 9 percent of "born- again" believers did. But what's more important than your yes to these questions is whether your life shows it

Ben and I are excited to be hosting The Truth Project in our home starting next week. If you live in our area and are interested in attending, we would wholeheartedly welcome you! Our friends and Godly mentors, Tim & Annette Tingelstad, will be leading our group. To find out more about this opportunity, email us for more information!

"Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world,
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind" (Romans 12:2).

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