Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tillman's Jamboree!

I wish you could have heard to fun and laughter we had last weekend at the Tillman's home—it was so much fun! Picture a very clean barn with a room adjacent to it that looked like a cozy living room. This was the setting for the bluegrass jam session that the Tillman's hosted in their barn. We had a good time praising the Lord in song and visiting with wonderful friends. The photos below are courtesy of Brandon & Talitha Anderson (the newlyweds!).

Alice, Anna & Drew Tillman
Beautiful voices and the dearest people!

Talitha Anderson with Elianna

While my family & I sang, Ben watched Elianna
and did all the great things that go with that!
He is such a great husband & father!

Talitha has the touch!

Talitha and I - two old married women! Ha!

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