Monday, November 13, 2006

My Daddy

This past weekend, as Ben and I were traveling to the citites, I read aloud to him from the No Greater Joy magazine. We really were impacted by an article we read called "Keeping Your Children First."

It’s not just our obligation as parents, but our duty to surround our children with healthy activities and friends. By creating a proper environment, we can allow our children to maintain their individuality without sacrificing their morality....Education and financial stability are great American luxuries, but they must be kept in balance. What makes this country great can also destroy it. I can honestly say, looking back, that we children were never put on the back burner for the sake of ministry or my father’s occupation. Rather, they carefully integrated us into their work, their ministry, and their play. And for that, I will be eternally grateful. So, whether you make six thousand or six million a year, always remember to keep those kids first.
(Gabriel Pearl)

I can echo that statement -- I too have never felt I was put on the back burner for the sake of ministry or my father's occupation. My hero in life is my father. He is the wisest man I know, and Ben and I are so grateful for his input and counsel in our lives — we seek his wisdom often! And Elianna thinks her Grandpa Ken is something very special, and rightly so! My father is a carpenter by trade and has taught me so much as I've watched him balance the responsibilities of leading our family, guiding our family music ministry and running his own company. And more importantly, in the midst of all his responsibilities, he has exemplified to me the character of the greatest Carpenter of all — Jesus Christ. I can honestly say I've never heard my father yell in anger, and the more I experience life, the more I appreciate the fact that my father is slow to anger. I love you, Dad! Thank you for making my childhood a sweet memory!

Elianna loves her Grandpa Ken

A home my father recently built


Anonymous said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you Mindy! 100%! Being the oldest in our family was kind-of like being the experimental child. You know how it goes.....HMMM now what do we do? Well, Dad and Mom both did a great job of mixing the fun and the work and I feel so blessed to be their child! I think we appreciate them more as we are in the parenting walk with our own children. Each day has its own challenge, and we have the choice to respond the right way or the wrong way. Only with the help of the HOLY SPIRIT can we be the parents that God wants us to be. What a comfort that in our weakness HE is strong!

Love - Melissa Lee

Bethany said...

Oh - in that picture of Grandpa Ken and Elianna I think Elianna looks soooo much like your baby pictures Mindy! So precious. Thanks for the continued updates!