Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Postpartum Week #4

Delivering a close to 10 pound baby leaves lingering effects—ain't that the truth, sista! I'm not out of the achy woods yet, but close, close. The good news is that I didn't tear during the delivery, so I am counting my blessings. The recovery could have been a lot longer. I've been trying to exercise (low impact of course!) a little every day in an effort to feel more energized. It's amazing what a 15 minute walk will do!

Ben and I took out our new jogging stroller (a gift we received from Ben's parents) yesterday and enjoyed a refreshing walk around our neighborhood. Several neighbors were out doing yard work and before we knew it, there were several of us standing in the middle of the street staring down at Elianna. Everyone wanted to see the new kid on the block!

One of my latest favorites about Elianna is her consistent smile that occurs when she is slipping into peaceful sleep. She does it almost every time I am rocking her—its precious. Her moments of awake-alert times are getting noticeable longer too—she now does more than just eat and sleep! She is taking in the big world around her. During these times, we love to talk to her, sing to her, pray for her, and play with her. She just stares up at us with her big blue eyes. It melts our hearts.

Look and see what special visitors Elianna has had in the last few weeks:

Grandma Becky Berge

Grandpa Ken Berge

Grandpa Dennis Caron

Grandma Theresa Caron

Auntie Melissa Sahlstrom

Auntie Melanie Berge

Uncle Matt Berge

Cousin Katey Berge

Uncle Noah Caron

Great Aunt Mary Berge
Great Grandma Wally Berge

Eliza Tingelstad

Katelyn Tingelstad

Annette Tingelstad


Matt said...

How awesome is it to see everyone enjoying such a precious gift! Thanks for sharing the pics, little sis :)

Bethany said...

So fun to see all the pictures! Thanks for sharing them. What a beautiful little bundle of joy!

ellen lenora said...

What a lovely birth story!