Thursday, September 28, 2006

My China Story

A few months before my wedding, an elderly lady named Rose from my home church was selling her home and moving into a new apartment. She was selling a lot of her belongings in order to scale down. I went to her garage sale, and was blessed to find her English china for sale! I couldn't pass it up -- and she was tickled to have someone she knew end up with it (she doesn't have daughters to pass it on to).

Earlier this spring, my Auntie Eve (who is big into antique shopping!) was visiting me and noticed my china. I told her the story of where I found it and that was that...

Not long ago, when my Auntie Eve was back for a visit, she surprised me with a wonderful gift! She & her husband had found more of my china in an antique store! They found pieces like a coffee server, a covered serving dish, plates, cups, and more! She had set the table with the china she had found and then made me close my eyes as I walked through the house to the dining room. When I opened my eyes, before me was a beautiful table set with the china they had bought for me! What a blessing! Thank you, Auntie Eve & Uncle Rusty!

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Bernadine said...

Your china is beautiful and the table looks so inviting.