Wednesday, May 24, 2006

6 Months...3 to go!

My sister Melanie took this photo of me the other day, and I realized that I should be actively documenting my "growth" so I can have photos for the baby book! It's a strange feeling to see my tummy getting larger and larger and realizing that I'm complete out of control! I really love being pregnant (big tummy & all); I'm so grateful that God is calling me to Motherhood. I feel very blessed!

We had a wonderful three hour prenatal appointment with our midwife last week. She checked my blood pressure and did a few other tests to make sure baby and I were healthy. Everything came out beautiful. I'm on some pretty awesome vitamins that I would highly recommend to anyone, pregnant or not! They are called SuperMom vitamins and they are excellent. I have so much energy and feel great...I never knew being pregnant could be so wonderful!

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Matt said...

You look great, Mindy! It is amazing how some women take to the pregnancy thing. I can't believe it is only 3 months to go. Glad to hear the check-up went well. Keep us posted with pics and all.